Wanderers 22

Wanderers 20

I made a final conclusion. In fact, it was a list of the several options and all of them were absolutely opposite to others. At the other hand, separately, all of them had some sense. All in all, I was back to the point where I have started. There was no other choice but to stop thinking. I really would, but just when I click “post”, I noticed that sign again. How boring must be the lives of those without imagination and inner worlds?

Wanderers 19

Oh, that little hidden adventurer who secretly waits and pokes from within. ‘Come on, come on, it’ll be exciting!’ Of course it won’t, a thousand of imagined scenes run through the head. What if… Somehow he always wins and blocks everything. In a noisy head, repeated countless number of times 4 sentences: I’m sorry. Forgive me, please. Thank you. I love you. Okay Destiny, do whatever needs to be done but just be gentle!